This is the business plan for the proposed new multi-sports club comprising Ruislip Running Club, Ruislip Rangers and Ruislip Cricket Club.

The new plans that we have been working on over the last 9 months to merge with two other local clubs to form a form a multi-sports club based at King’s College Fields. The proposals also involve major plans to rebuild a new clubhouse on the existing site of Ruislip Cricket Club.

Ruislip Running Club, Rangers Football Club and Ruislip Cricket Club currently have almost 1,000 child and adult members and are coming together to form a new multi-sports club.

As part of their plans, the clubs are seeking a new clubhouse that would have the range of facilities that would be needed in order to properly meet the needs of the three sports.

The proposed new facility will encourage local people of all ages to put away their phones and laptops and to get active on an all-year-round basis by taking part in winter and summer sports. Participation in sports improves physical health, keeps the brain fit, builds confidence and is a great way to make new friends.

The proposal is that the new clubhouse would be a two-storey building located on the site of the current cricket clubhouse on King’s College Road in Ruislip. The pavilion-style building would cater for all three sports with changing rooms, a bar/function room, a kitchen, offices, storage facilities, and a balcony. It would be a community hub open to members and local people.

To make this vision happen, we need local support. So please sign our petition today and share it with your friends and family members.